My obscure album

By clicking the small pictures you can see them larger. (about 30kB)
In the unknown TV-Show Star Trek I had a little roll as a doctor. A guy called "Roddenberry" told me: "Hey, Yor`re the best actor I`ve ever seen. Come and join me in all my shows." But this show was too cheap, I had better things to do. So Roddenberry took on a fellow named De Forest Kelly. But I was right. All the actors in the show never get an job again. They have to play the same roll in the cinema. Poor guys.

It`s a secret: I was the stuntman of Telly Savalas. He was a coward. So it was my part to drive, eat and sing. Unfortunately I had to cut my hair. Originally Telly should wear an wig. But we recognized it`s nonsense.

Since I was so unique, I clone myself. Good conversation and sex at last.

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