Welcome, # Zähler
What`s up?
The great Turing Machine Emulator. Right from the author.
Take a look at my obscure foto records..
See the first Connect 4! in the net.(Server is in Germany)
More Pictures ? OK, this time a bit more authentic.
NEW! The Funny 3D Image!. Works with Netscape and squinting only. ( Refer instructions lesen.)
Simply a Worldsensation. See a moving picture with any Browser, so without Java or such stuff. I have to see that!!

The unavoidable Links to just as well designed Websides.
At last my favourite Microsoft-Joke: How does Bill Gates change a gone bulb? Answer

Netscape 1.1 or higher is recommended.

About this page:
On 12-16-95 my Homepage gone on the Net. The English section was added on 01-15-96. The english counter came 01-30-96.

Complaints and eulogys to: Gerald Pienkowski

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