The famous Turing Machine Emulator

For detail information about Turingmachines see the German Section or visit the Alan Turing Homepage. (English)

Alan Mathison Turing (1912 - 1954)

Let`s start!

The Turing Machine Emulator helps you to develop and calculate binary Turingmachines. You can see your machine working step by step. You have an comfortable editor to write your machine, but you also can use a simple texteditor. You can record your calculation and export it to any other application. An Benchmark-modul helps you to value the calculation-time... and many other features ... Remember this is not the final issue but the Beta-version. You already have the features of a final issue. Just a detailed documentation and a helpfile is missing.
For lack of time I will probably never finish this project.

The hole program is in german language, so keep a dictionary ready (about 50 words). An English version will be translated by demand.

Itīs time to download!



The Turing Machine Emulator© can be given away freely. The Copyright however is by Gerald Pienkowski!

I wanna see a Sreenshot first! (18 kByte)

Download Turing-Machine-Emulator now! (120 kByte)

Installation: Unzip all File in one seperate dirctory and launch TURING.EXE.

If you have an interesting machine, please mail it to me!

E-Mail to me: Gerald Pienkowski

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